Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thanks a lot doodle :')

Where's he now? In a graveyard? HAHA. I'm gonna forget him like there's nothing happened :')

Ohh ya! How can he's being with me now. He trusted his friends more than anything. And me? I'm nothing. If I'm not valueable to him, THEN I'll be thinking the same thing!

The reasons I smile when he's leaving me.
- He's not reliable.
-He's going to leave me like what he did to his ex!
-He's charming but he don't have any trust on me :')
Like seriously dude, I'm not going to be with someone whom I know can't protect me. I didn't ask you to die for me or buy me any expensive things! But I need someone who can trust me for something I didn't do and atleast be there for me whenever I'm crying like shit. Be there and wipe the tears for me, be there and hug me so that I could feel a little bit calm and so on. 

But now I realised that I'm just dreaming. You're not the one. You trust your 'angel like' friend more than me? HAHA. Okayyyy dude, now please stay away from me. You had destroyed everything. My faith towards you, my feeling towards you. Like seriously now there's nothing left dude. 

I'm wondering why it's so difficult for me to accept you, but now it's look like the god wanted to show me something. Something that's very important to me. You're not reliable at all :') How can I let myself to be with someone like you?

I need someone who can tell me some funny jokes when I'm about to cry. Someone who can be there for me and tell me that he's willing to accept me for who I am. So what if I'm having a fight with other girls? It's normal dude. I'm just 18! DAAAAA? What do you expect from 18 y/o girl? 

I can't deny that you're sweet, charming, cute, nice and blablabla. But you're not reliable dude. Hope that you'll find someone who's better :') Someone who can cheer you up just by saying I love you and hurt you like trololol just by saying how much she hates you. hihi. bye :')


  1. yeahhh. sometimes I'm thinking over the same matter :)