Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Chinese New Year trip!

I miss you. I waited for him to text me. But it seems like never happen :'(
First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to each and everyone of my family members, friends and also to my readers :)
She loves to sleep all the time :(

I would like to tell about half of my journey. hoho. I'm quite impresive when I arrived here. It was wonderful. I mean it's beaches. Being here with mu buddies and my bitches. muehehehe. 

My silly milly pants. So flowery :p

Hihi. lalalala. 
The gedik me :')

I wishe it was a missed call from him. But it's not. It was someone else. Ohh god! I miss you calling and texting me like I'm so important to you :'(

Nothing much to tell actually. It's just that I miss him because internet connection over here wasn't that good :( So it's a little bit difficult for me to have a look at his pictures. Thank god I already kept few of his pictures in my phonee :') He texted me, but it's not like before. He seems like he's already being with someone else :(

I think I've to forget him. Like seriously. Btw, he texted me and it's not like what I wanted. hmm. Let him be. Life's must go on. Again, there's another guy that can't be trusted. He left when I started to like him and blablabla. I have to be more careful when I'm about to start on a conversation with a guy. Because at the end, I'm the one who'll be hurt :(

Byeeeeee doodle. I'm gonna miss the old youuuu :( I miss you telling me how much you need me and I miss me telling you that I had a crush on you for aalmost 2 years already :(

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