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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't ever come back !

Relationships are like a glass. Sometimes it's better for you to leave them broken rather that hurting yourself to putting it back together. Because it will hurt you. Same goes for those who's having a bf. Let them go if you know that they will never realise that you're there. Like what I'm doing now.
Sometimes it came to my mind. To me, when my absence doesn't really affect his life, then I bet my present has no meaning in it. I don't want to hurt myself again and again when I know that hoping for you is like hoping for a stars to drop down. pfft

There are songs that make you sad when you hear them. But there's a song that make you sad because of the people behind them.

Yeahhh right. What a great lie! What happen when he's your prince charming but you're not his Cinderella? Keep on waiting for something which is not real or what? Blablabla.
You don't have to come back. Because like seriously that I'm so freaking happy without you. hihi. bye.

You have to forget all those memories because I won't be with you anymore. Don't ask me why. I'm sick with you and that's it. So please go away. As far as you can and don't ever appear again in front of me. If you're calling me, please tell yourself to stop it because to me we're done starting from the day you left.
#It's too late already :p

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