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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's my life ! Not yours !


Someday and somehow, I'm gonna make everything to be just fine. I've been thinking about it for so many times and I can't still get the correct answer. Well, I guess life's too subjective.
FAKE SMILE OF ME :-* muahhh !
I miss my long hair. I wish I could be a strong girl now.
So sweet of my umar raimi. i love you :P *lovey dovey sikit.
Me and baby Umar. Well, I know Umar was just being so cute. kan kan? me too kan? hehe. mengaku saje lah. hoho. *haishhhh, tengoklah anak sape kan! (mama umar selalu perasan and cakap macam ni :P)
Alolololo. comel nya umar raimi. MeLoveYouSoDamnFreakingMuch. XOXO.

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