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Friday, November 18, 2011


I was about to keep all my stuff in the box. It's time to go back. I'm going back home.

Suddenly I found a chocolate wrap. And also a letter. I saw all of our pictures. I've told myself not to cry but  I just don't know why I drop into tears. I still can feel the pain. At the time he slapped me. And guess what? The worse part isn't the part he slapped me, but it was when he walked away without looking back.

I miss all those memories. You've treated me freaking damn nicely. You're just being so nice but I'm the one who've been treating you like pushing you away and again I'm sorry. Lepas ni I dah tak boleh tengok you dah. I'm gonna miss you. All this while, tak suka pun still can meet yyou sit your class was just beside mine.

I kept everything every single thing that he gave to me. Even chocolate wrap, letter, sudu yang you guna masa makan ice-cream kat MCD pun. Kenapa? Me myself also don't know why.

I still remember. It was a graduation day. He willing to wake up early just to pick me up. But I can't even thank him for that. You? I wish I could. But I'm shy for nothing. Just go away. You deserve someone better.

Other than that, it was few week back. We met up. You looked just what I wished you to be. Tapi I tak tahu kenapa ego I tinggi macam KLCC masa tu. If only I could treat you a little bit better mesti you tak benci I macam sekarang kan.

BITCH! That's what you call me just now. On 18th Nov 2011. At 2:23 p.m.

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