Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Monday, November 7, 2011

If the grass is green, then my heart is greener.

He crawl in my life again and again. Putting my trust on him is the last thing that I wanna do. Feel so afraid to fall apart again and again. He won't understand because he's just too weird. Ask me why I still go after him? Because he's seems to be so perfect to me. Stop asking me why because I don't have any accurate answer for that.

If the cheetah fast, then my adrenalin ran faster.

On the first day, he seems to be so perfect. Paying his whole attention to me. Keep on making me happy. But deep inside I can't deny that I felt thet he's just pretending. He trying so hard to make me laugh. I thought I've got back my baby. Skype-ing for like 4 hours was too much huh? People change, fate never.

On the next day, he's still the same. Keep on making me happy. I kept on smiling for the whole day. Don't ask me why. It's because he's so perfect and no one can beat him.

Imma strong girl. I won't let him to ruin everything. He make me feel like I owned the world. How wonderful the time was :) Unfortunately I'm not. He's changing slowly. It's totally true by the time Rara said don't put too much hope on him. At last, it was all true.

Today he's leaving to a place that is so far. I wasn't that sure how he's going to act soon. But now, there's no more hope that I put on him. Falling apart again and again told me that I shouldn't be with him. He's not the one I guess.

There's millions guys out there. Life's must go on. Whenever he came back, I have totell myself that he's not the one. He makes me smile and that's the best thing about him :p

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