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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CRUSH ? -.-


Out of the blue, now I've had a crush on someone. In fact I don't really believe in true and ever-lasting love anymore. 

 But starting few days ago, this guy has been on my mind, we've been to each other.  I guess so :p I usually find myself thinking or dreaming about him. I don't wanna accept that I have a crush on him and even though it makes me sad to think he doesn't know I exist, I also can't imagine him and myself going out together. I mean looking at my beliefs, I really truly don't want to fall in love again. Maybe because I'm even afraid of it. But then what's this feeling I get whenever I see him appear himself in my chatbox.

 I always turn myself into n offline mode, I always change a topic whenever he's asking me something that I couldn't answer and can't even at his pictures while my heart beats faster and I just can't stop myself smiling when remembering him.

 Now, I've deleted him from my facebook account. Since I want to stop this silly feeling. I don't want to be in the most terrible situation which is when I wanted someone who I can't really get. I can't deny it, deep inside I don't wany to hurt myself and let myself being hurt again. I just wanna be a girl who can smile whenever she wake up because her friend were there for her :)

*When you thought I was still in love with him, you were so wrong ! Because it's you that I like the most now.

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