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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Because she's a GIRL.

It was my first blood donation at 2011, today I had donated my blood at my beloved school. At my first donation, I just donated 450ml since I didn't reach the age limit yet. I was about to become 17 in almost 10 days more. This time I was well prepared, slept for 7.5 hours and had my breakfast. During signing up, I have stand on the weighing scale to take my body weigh. Well people said, when we're donating a blood, we're going to gain weight. But not actually. I've lost my weight in about 1 kg :) I was about less than 60 kg now.. I still look fat actually, but it's just that my body started to loose weight :) And I really love it !
450ml of blood was transfered successfully. They seems have new procedure, they placed the blood below my hand before they cutting the cord. So I did feel the warmth of my blood. I can still smell the blood. A minute after donating a blood, seriously I feel like vomiting and my head was spinning.

When I reach home, I don't feel like eating, but I wanted to sleep. I slept from 3 until 7 o'clock on the next morning. It was so tiring momment in my life. I promised myself to donate my blood every year :) 

Actually masa tu tak cukup umur lagi. Another 10 days baru cukup umur :p HAHA. 


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