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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wound may heal, heart - NEVER.

It's been a month. Everything were still in the same condition as before. I had lost my soul when he started to act like pushing me away. I don't know why does all this happened. I kept asking myself but till now ipI still didn't got the answer. He's totally different. We live just a couple blocks away, but I don't know why I felt like there's a big wall in front of me till it makes me feel so scared everytime I want to meet him. Maybe I'm scare that he'll be leaving me just like what he did to me right now. I've never asked for a sweet quotes everytime he called me, I don't need him to give me a bouquet of roses when everytime we meet but whwt i want is he keep on being with me. I want him to be at my side. I need my baby back. I want to forget him, but it's just couldn't happened. It's not as easy as throwing pebbles in the river, but it's so difficult as reaching a star on the sky because I'm still trying to reach it even I know that I won't be able to reach the star no matter what happened.

Yes! Now I'm smiling. But try to stab me at my back because I can guarantee that it will hurt me less than I have to stay alive without you. I do understand that heart or feeling may be able to change, but it will totally different because once you have found someone that can mely yor heart without doing anything. Try to stare at his eyes and you will understand what I'm trying to tell you. Love means nothing when you found someone that you love break your heart and walk away like there's nothing happened. Just like what you did to me.

HEART BROKEN? Ask me how many times my heart has been break, I'll ask you to count the stars on the sky. I'm sick of crying. Now I'm smiling because I do understand no matter what happened,you'll never come back to me.

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