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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

S.M.I.A.S.H , you'll get back everything that you gave to me!

S.M.I.A.S.H. What goes around, comes around right. At that time, you will feel what I felt. Trust me, It's terribly hurt. Hey, I'm not here to pray for you badness, it's just that I'm telling you that you will learn a lesson. You will gat back what you had gave to me. I really love you. I accept you for who you are. Not for what you have. I've never love a guy like how I love you. Not even anyone. What is my mistakes. What is my sin towards you. I need a solid reason, not a stupid reason like what you always gave me. Now I'm telling you, I don't live to please you. I will just stay alive even you're not here with me because I don't deserve an asshole like you. It's true that i love you with all my heart, but i don't want to ruin my life because of you.

I'm sitting alone in my room. I kept thinking about you and I don't know why it has to be you. You hurt me. Sigh -_- i do blame it on me, but I just don't have any idea why you have to lie. I still remember that night you told me that you really love me and willing to do anything just for me. But now everything remains nothing aiman! Nothing! Suddenly, without any solid reason you acted like pushing me away. It' s hurt. Trust me, it felt like someone that you love and you didn't predict stab you on your back. It's terribly hurt! I'm keep wondering why must be me? I don't have any strengh to go through this. I don't want to face all this alone. I really need my baby at my side. Only if you can understand what i felt.

I still remember every single thing about you. I miss your voice calling me baby, i miss your laugh, i miss your sulking voice everytime I scolded and raise my voice to you, i miss you happy voice telling me that you liverpool won the match. Swear to god that i miss you so badly. Every night I'll cry because i remember about you. I want you to be at my side. You're not only my boyfriend, but you also can be my bestfriend. I feel so happy when I'm with you. I can be myself when I'm with you. I don't have to pretend to be someone are the only guy who can heal my heart so quickly, you also can hurt me just by saying goodbye, you also can cheered me up just by saying i love you. Bie? I really love you.

I need you. I love you. I miss you.

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