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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please learn a lesson!

I am sick of it. I am tired to keep on pretending. No one will ever understand whwt i felt. It's not easy. Not even my heart can really understand what i felt. Please. I need someone that can understand me well. Not someone who always force me to love him. I don't know whwt to do. It' hurt me a lot. I don't know whwt should i do to make all this nonsense back to normal.

I do confess that i still love him. But now i think i started to love someone else. It's miracle right? It's happened only after two months all this problem run after me. Thank god. Now i do believe that god does exist. I don't really sure wether i am doing a right thing or not. No matter what happened, now i am in love with someone else and will try my best to give my heart to him.

It's true that i didn't love him as much as i love aiman before. But i will keep trying because i do know that he really love me. I will love someone who apppriciate me more than what aiman does. I am trying and dear god, please gimme a strengh. I don't want to hurt him anymore. And i want to stop hurting myself again and again. I love you, but i do love myself more than i love you.

Life? Starts from now i have to learn how to live without you. You are not the right one for mr. I do love you with all my heart. I do love you more than everything that i ever had. But you will never understand and keep on hurting me. Nevermind my dear syed mhd izaq aiman, what goes around, comes around. You will feel what i felt when you meet someone that you couldn't leave her. Then only you will understand.

I won't repeat this for so many times, i just wanna tell you that i do love you, but i will try to forget you. Because i don't need a guy like you. I am so sure that you will learn a lesson when you have go through it.

Ok dear.


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