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Friday, February 11, 2011

Aiman, it's a terrible friday for me!

HELLO FRIDAY! I woke up from my bed after i dreamt bout him. I cried. It's hurt. I've never feel like this before. Someone who i love the most.someone thati need all the time. He taught me how to love, but he didn't tell me how to cure my heart when he dumped me. Everyday, i'll cry just because of him. I've never cry because of guy. Not even anyone. I am not begging for his money or his wealth. Ehat i want is he'll stand by me whenever i need him. I can die if he's not here with me. Whwt i meant here wasn't that i died and i'll be in the graveyard! It's mean't that my soul had died till i felt so neutral when it comes to guy. I do understand that we can't force someone to love us. So, i won't force him to love me.

I do confess that i started to like someone else, but it's different. I still can't take him out from my mind. Waaaaaaaa. God. Help me!

EVENING! I woke up from my bed and i texted him. I tolh him that i love him and i miss him a lot. And he do reply my text. I know that he's just pretending to miss me back. I can't focus on what i am doing everything he appear in my mind. Sometimes, i felt like he's only my mistakes because he's not my dream guy.

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