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Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day!

happy valentine's day to me:) i don't even care what people say. shit! haha. valentine's day? it's so different without aiman by my side. i miss him a lot. aiman, aiman, aiman and aiman again and again. it's hurt everytime i remember him. very often! often i dreamt about him. almost every night i will woke up and then cry. swear to god that i've never asked for it. my dear aiman, i miss you a lot. i hope you are fine right now. i know that you are not mine anymore. but i will always love you. i have been with someone else. but he,s different. he's not like you. i want my aiman back. dear god, please bring my dear aiman back to me:(

AIMAN SYG! i miss to hear your voice so badly. i mis every single thing about you. i want you to be at my side all the time. i do need you as much as i need an oxygen to stay alive. swear t god that i'm not sure how many more days left for me not to cry when i remembered about you. i can't even think straight when it comes to you. i love you even though you are not mine anymore. it's hurt everytime i visited your wall and saw your comments with some other girls. seriously, everytime i read it, i will drop into tears.

what is my fault? can you please tell me what is it. i'm dying here. swear! there's nothing that can replace you. i miss you. i miss to see your smile. i wanted to see you smiling. i don't care if i can meet you up, but i just want to make sure that you are happy. i love you baby:(

p / s : i'm crying and only you can make it stop:(

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