Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Thursday, January 19, 2012

If I'm a bitch. then what are you? An angel?

Things happened with a reason. 

I know it's not me who created a fate. Dear god, I won't fight for something that I know won't give any benefits to me. If what's happeneing now can really make me a stronger person, I'll accept it with an open heart.

I ain't be crying because 'that' people, but I'm crying because I realised that I've forget you for a long time. Even you're with me, I don't really thanked you for all those bless that I've ever got from you :(

Dear god, I'm crying but I know this can make me a stronger person. If this happened because of my past sins, I do accept it.

If there's a day when all of my friends are backstabbing me, I don't really care. Because I know you're always there for me. Not even my friends and my family, but YOU. I hope from all this test, I can be a good person then :(

Too many sins but you're still there spreading your bless to me :'( Sometimes I'm just wondering how can I be so forgetful.

Dear god, I don't have much tears that left for me to cry. Please if I'm innocent prove it to them. If I'm wrong, prove it to them also. I won't shout it out. I'm tired of being a girl who always screaming and stand for something she didn't do. I'm sick of crying. Swear, it's do hurt me deep inside. How can my used to be BFF is now hurting me like shit :(

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