Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello dude!

HAHA! now I'm smiling but only god knows what I felt everytime I remembered about you. Only you can cheered me up. But not anymore dude. You meant nothing to me. I don't care even you're dying in front of my eyes or anything.Yes! now I've a crush on someone else :) It's not that easy. It's not as easy as calculating the amount of how many teddy bears do I have. It's not easy as completing the square! It's too complicated. 

It's always the same in every relationship, there is always one person crying and wishing to get back together, while the other doesn't remember the things they have been through. Like a tree needs the earth, like the night needs the moon, like the star needs the sky, like the guitar needs the string, like a queen needs a king and that's how need I you in my life. You'll never understand what I felt and you've never try to understand what I felt. Before, You always asked me the meaning of love and blablabla. And now I'm telling you. Dude! Love is when you shed tears for him but you still care for him. It's when he ignored you but you still wait for him. It's when he stars loving someone else, and yet you still manage to smile and find a courage to say "I am happy for you" can you do it? 

HAHA. And now I'm so happy without you. It's not your bussiness ANYMORE if I already a crush on someone else :P

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