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Thursday, January 12, 2012

♥Characteristics of the guy that I like. hihi.

I'm not looking for a perfect guy. Like seriously I don't okayyyy. Maybe you're not my Mr Perfect, but trust me you're definitely my Mr Perfect Enough. Stop asking me why I choose you. When I said it's you, it means it's you.
I love a guy with a dimple. Like seriously they look so freaking cute okayyyy! OMG! Only if I can have one.
He must be so tall. I mean TALL that an average guy okayyyy. Ohh god. They look super duper awesome to me :)
I like funny guy but not too much okayyy. I'm hoping for someone who can cheer me up whenever I'm down :(
Please make it clean. I mean please keep your body clean baby. No tattoos and pierce. Seriously I don't like it. It won't make you guys look awesome okayyyy!
Please guys! Wear a proper clothes like chinos, deck shoes, sweater, shirt, jeans or blablabla. What's up with all those hardcore clothes? pfft. You look weird :P
Not a MU fans! Please. If yes, then I guess you should find someone else :P hihi. I'm just kidding.
I wish to have a sensitive guy. I mean not over sensitive but someone who can realise when there's a changes on me or something.
I don't like muscular guy. Like seriously they look creepy to me. And you look weird when you're wearing your shirt man!
I prefer an intelligent guy than a hot guy. Like seriously. Except if your ZAYN MALIK.
Not a smoker. I don't want to be alone when you die because of cancer!
Please have a clean shave baby. Seriously I don't like it.
Good in dancing is not a must. But it helps a lot. LOL
Don't have any problem with cheese and chocolate :P

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