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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Leave? ohh -.-

He left?

Great for me and him I guess. Well, this is not what we wanted. But as for him this is what I wanted to. Sick of every single thing he did. I'm gonna walked away. I mean so far away. I don't want to be with him anymore. And swear to god he's my damn bloody big regret ever in my life.

It's all because I shouldn't be that silly to be with him. As for you! Just go to hell. HAHA. I'm the one who was damn freaking idiot kan. Trusting him over and over again. Finally we're breaking up over a silly matter. huh. What a great life I heve here babyyy :)

I'm gonna leave forever and I won't look back. Those silly memories make me realised how can I being so freaking stupid. Right?

I'm not longer a babycry girl who keep on crying whenever he hurt me. I'm gonna make it as a last chance for me and him.

#byebye :)

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