Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm gonna walk away :)

He acts like there's no feeling between us. And guess what? I felt like my tears are already dried up. I'm gonna move on baby. I'm gonna walk away if that can make you feel a lot ofbetter.

After this, there's no more hurting each other. Just carry on your life because I'm not longer belong to you and so do you. Like hell seriously, I'm sick of it and I think it's time to think about our future. I'm really sorry for messing up everything including "US".

Everything's gonna be back to normal in a couple of day. Hard to believe that our wonderful moment that we spend together had been shed as a wind blow. Letting go of your make me felt like I'm losing half of my life. In my life it consist you. Coloured my everything.

Lepas ni dah tak siapa lagi nak dengar I nangis. Siapa nak dengar I suka? Siapa nak dengar I cerita masalah I. Siapa? Tak de dah kan? tak pe?

If all this can make youfeel a lot of better, I'm doing it with my open heart. Take care of yourself baby. I'm gonna miss you and everything about us.

Thanks for everything. I love you and I'll always do :)


  1. kita sudi mendengarnya setiap luahan hati dn perasaan...\