Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hurt much? No, I'm already used to it babyyyy :)

It's not that hurt. As me why? Because I'm already used to it :) Well, being with someone who wouldn't care about what you felt is the worse part. Isn't it?

"I will always love You. You taught me how to love, but not how to stop" - Accidentally found this :'(

I forced myself not to look at anyone else. Not even to reply their text because I don't want you to misunderstand in every situation. Even they're just wanted to be a friend. I don't want to hurt you  because I know how painful it was when you're not around!  But now, it's a big regret to me. 

 Now tell me what I should do just to make you trust me? Tell me so do that I can do it. I've done everything!
I'm wondering how can I being so damn stupid to believe in you after what you've done to me. what a silly me huh ? :) 

Stop telling me that I'm the one who doesn't believe you. Because it's you who can't make up your stupid bloody mind to trust me! I've did every single thing that you asked me to do, and what's the point of being together if you kept on talking about malek and malek again!

I dah tak tahu dah nak buat apa. Like seriously I tak tipu you pun. Tak pe lah. I kan jahat, tak sesuai dengan you. Now let me go because I don't need someone who can't really stop me from crying :)

Mayba I'm not a good person, but I still believe in GOD. For those who's making up the story and make me cry, thanks a lot. Let the god pay everything. I'm no one to judge you. I'm just a little girl who can't do anything just to make people believe in what she's saying.

#LetThoseWhoIsMakingUpStoriesPayForEverything :)

If I'm not guilty, I'm not going to forgive you forever!

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