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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beware of the BASTARDS !

Sometimes I'm wondering why god keep on giving me a test. Only now I found out why. Maybe it's true when people do says that god will never ever gave a test that we can't handle :) Dear god, thanks a lot for being nice to me. To be honest, before when anyone asked me how's life treating me, I'll sighing and tell them how bad it is. But then now I realised no how tough it is, life's must go on.

YES! I do confess that I still into him. But trust me life is about choice. So I've decided that he's not a part of my life anymore. Well, hurting people is a very interesting work since we don't have to feel the sickness. What goes around, do comes around. I just need to be patient and see what will happened next.

The sadness that you will never ever understand will slowly disappear as the wind blow. I don't need someone who can't appreciate me to cheer me up. Only if you're at my place and can exactly understand what I felt then only you will learn a very good lesson. Thank youuuuuuu ! 

Sometimes kan awak kan, saya nak je cakap kat awak. Tapi saya tahu awak takkan pernah cuba untuk berubah. No matter how hard I try, if you don't want to change, it will still remain the same. 

Your friends isn't good enough. Trust me they are just the same. What? They are rich? So what? They are just rich and they still can't go against the god. To them, you guys just don't have any right to bitch and comment about life. This is my life and I HAD NEVER BEG FOR YOUR MONEY TO STAY ALIVE BASTARD. Kalau korang bagus, dah lame dah korang baik. Tak pulak menggelibak macam pukimak.

YES! i do cry because of you. And it's all because of you. I love you more than everything. You left just because of you friends? Okay! Go ahead. But trust me. I'll make sure that you'll get back what you gave to me. By the time come, you will feel the sadnedd like I do. Tak payah lah datang balik. BYE!


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