Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Sunday, March 6, 2011


 FATINI ATHIRAH BAHARIN. My new buddy. she's crazy girl that come from the graveyard. she's so damn annoying everytime she's with her mr kery! she's my new lesbo partner. she's so nice. hee:D she came from an earth that full with misery. I had so much fun with you. Tinie always being crazy. she love her kery so much:)

 MY BUDDIES! My best buddies ever. ezril , tinie , fareez and daus. thanks a lot for everything. ezril is the stupid one. with his small eyes and stuff. tinie who always look so cute with her dimple on her face. fareez , i love you so damn much. Now , i met aiman's clone. i started to like him. hee:D even he's not exactly like aiman. i love youuuuuuuuuuu:)

 AIMAN. i do love you with all my heart and i am so addicted to you. i can't stay alive without you. not even a single day. haih. well, things happened for a reason. so keep smiling my dear syasya. what comes around, goes around.

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