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Friday, March 11, 2011

I wanna forget him!

Aku ingin kan dirimu, datang dan temui aku, akan ku kata kan padamu, aku sangat mencintaimu. HAHA. I'm wondering howcan some people said that they do understand what I felt. They don't even be at my place for a second. No matter what I felt, it teach me how to be patient and how to appreciate people around me. Swear to god, deep inside, it hurts me a lot worser than ever. Keep on drop into tears till I can guarantee there's no more tears to be out from my eyes. 

I don't know why all this must happened. I've never ask for it. But it happens and keep on appearing in my mind. Why must be me?

HAHA. A strong girl like me, shouldn't cry. Be strong and keep on pretending that I am happy. I don't want people to see my sadness because I don't need them to cheer me up. SYASYA! Keep on smiling because you deserve someone better. Erase him from your mind because, he'll never come back. He's a heartless guy with no heart!

karya seni mase kat skola tadi. cikgu tu bosan!

hasil seni yang kedue nie!

mase da gile!

I love myself moreeeeeee:D


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