Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How can I forget you?

I need you as much as I need an oxygen to breathe so that I can stay alive. But now, you left without looking back. hee:D thank youuuuuu. I like it. I really appreciate it. You supposed to treat me like this a week ago. Only then I will realise that you're not for me. I don't know am I creeping right now, but still this is my blog and I can write whatever that I wanted to write. If you don't like it, you may leave or you guys can go and punch yourself. I don't stay alive just to please people around me. Why should I be nice to someone who don't even care about me? I'm a human with heart and I still can feel the hurt even though you guys can't look it. Look a little closer, and you'll find a tears in my eyes. It's hurt. 

Be strong my dear syasya!

The pain, the sadness and the cry were the same like the first time I get into someone. At that time, he's my everything. He's my soul, my heart, my heart and also my oxygen. It shows that I can't live without him. But now, things had change. I need you as much as I need him. You're my everything and I can't even think straight when it comes to you. If I knew that love will hurt me till this bad, I won't deal with it. Because it's terribly hurt. It hurt me a lot worser than ever.

Things happened for a reason!

After this da tak de da baby gemuk yang nak panggil kte kure-kure lagi;'( I'm gonna miss you. Tak de lagi laa biri-biri yang nak kire bulu kat badan dye kat tepi jalan. tak de lagi laa micco picco boo. I'm sorry if you think I've treated you so badly. Swear to god, I don't mean it that way. I do love youuu and will always be:) I hope that you'll always be happy. Take a good care of yourself and do remember that I'll always be there for my bubu:)

You're my teddy, and now you're gone:'(

I'm scared of losing you. Because I know that I can't stay alive without you. I'll be missing our momment because I need you more than everything that I've ever had. Only if you could know how much I regret because I've known you, you'll understand how hurt it is. Only me who can feel the pain and no one can understand what I felt. They are not in my shoes and they doesn't know anything. 

I've to forget youuuuuu:)

Only if know this kind of problem will happened, I won't accept you .

And now you've leave:'(


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