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Sunday, March 20, 2011


My each passing day without you make me feel like there's something wrong in my life. Being a girl that can't tell the world that she's in pain was the worst thing in my life. How can I tell you? You'll never understand. Go away! Dear god, please be nice to me. I don't want to dream about him anymore. I'm not a doll that don't have any feeling and you can play with. I'm a human being with a heart. 

Now you're gone. Go away! I don't need someone like you. I deserve someone better than you. Stay away from me. You can go for someone else. I won't stop you if that is your wish. Go and walk don't ever look back.

Everything were still in the same condition as before. I had lost my soul when he started to act like pushing me away. I don't know why does all this happened. I kept asking myself but till now ipI still didn't got the answer. He's totally different. We live just a couple blocks away, but I don't know why I felt like there's a big wall in front of me till it makes me feel so scared everytime I want to meet him. Maybe I'm so scared that he'll be leaving me just like what he did to me right now. 

Bubu , I've never asked for a sweet quotes everytime he called me, I don't need him to give me a bouquet of roses when everytime we meet but whwt i want is he keep on being with me. I want him to be at my side. I need my baby back. I want to forget him, but it's just couldn't happened. It's not as easy as throwing pebbles in the river, but it's so difficult as reaching a star on the sky because I'm still trying to reach it even I know that I won't be able to reach the star no matter what happened.

I wish that you are here with me. My words for you :-

People always said that :-


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