Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Thursday, March 24, 2011


It such a wonderful day for me. I met him and he keep on smiling and my heart melt like an ice-cream. Even he's just a crush, I'm still happy because at last I've found someone else to admire and so on laa. HAHA. His eyes, his face, his smile and his everything make me realised that he's not up to my level since he's so cute while I'm so ugly. Pity me right? I know:'( I called him as TORTOISE since he's so cute like a tortoise. When I met him at the first time, I already had a crush on him. hihi. I know that I'm so "GATAL". 

Nothing much to say here. I'm so tired because I was so "GEDIK" stayback at school just now. I met him and I felt like screaming when he looked at me. OMG! I think I like him. But for now he's just a crush and not more than that. hee:D waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ I'm so curious to know about him. But I am so shy to talk with him since I doesn't know him well. 

My heart start to beat more faster everytime I looked into his eyes:'( should I tell him that I like him? For sure tak la kan. Are you out of your mind or what? I'm not going to tell him that I like him okay! perkare tu adelah amat memalukan.

Lalalalalala~ byebyebyebye:)

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