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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tears may be dried up, but heart - never

Penat da la nak nangis. everyday i'll doing da same thing. i didn't ask for it. and i dun want it to be in dis way actually. but i'm not strong enough to chance everything in my life. if only i could turn back the time, i'll do it without any delayed. i miss the old me. but i just can't be myself after that incident happened. it hurts me a lot worser than ever. i know dat we cannot decide wat we want to have, but we can decide wat is the best for us.

HAHA! now i'm smiling but only god knows wat i felt everytime i remembered about you. only you can cheered me up. yes! now i've a crush on someone else, but it still cannot change my feeling towards you. it's almost 2 months and half we've been broke up. but i still can't believe it. people always said that i can just find someone just by smiling at them. but trust me i can't. i've try so many ways just to get rid of you. but it's not that easy. it's not as easy as calculating the amount of how many bestfriends du i have. it's not easy as completing the square! it's too complicated. the most complicated problem that i ever have. sigh -_- 

i know that we cannot change the fate. and i'll try my best to find a courage to say dat "i'm happy for u" even u're with someone else. i still remember every single momment about u and me. it's just like we're having meals together just now. i miss you a lot. i miss you just like i miss myself. i want to be the old me. but i can't. within you i found myself, and now i found myself to be lost again. it's not easy to fight my feeling over you.

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