Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tak pya impossible sangat la syasya! kalau sayang tu bagi taw je la.

i remember years ago
someone told me i should take
caution when it comes to love
i did, i did

and you were strong and i was not
my illusion my mistake
i was careless, i forgot
i did

and now when all is done
there is nothing to say
you have gone and so effortlessly
you have won
you can go and tell them

tell them all i know now
shout it from the roof tops
write in on the sky line
all we had is gone now

tell them i was happy
and my heart is broken
all my scars are open
tell them what i hoped would be
impossible, impossible
impossible, impossible

falling out of love is hard
falling for betrayal is worst
broken trust and broken hearts
i know, i know

thinking all you need is there
building faithon love and words
empty promises will wear
i know, i know

and now when all is gone
there is nothing to say
and if you're dano with embarrasing me
on your own you can go ahead tell them

HAHA! nampak sangat da tak de keje. hehe. bosan la. tnggu aiman text, mmg la x kan. sampai esok pun dye tak kn text. haih. aku tukar num tapi x bgi taw dye, macam ne la dye nk text. bodo la kau nie. SYASYA! cube la gune sket otak kau yg kecil dan juge comel tu. stop thinking of him. aiman pun x ksa. kau plak nak lebih-lebih knpe. eei.

EEI. teringat palk tyme dgn faiq senget tu. at least dye jge la jugak aku nie. aiman nie macam x ksa je aku ade ke x. eei. sedih la. wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:( 

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