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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I don't want to talk long about this matter. But as for sure, god's never sleep. We have our own destiny. The fate had been written by the god long time ago.

Don't pretend like you know everything if you're not a google. Stop acting like you're so pious if you yourself can't control your lust. Make it stop if you yourself is being with a whore. Stop messing up with people if you don't want to be punish by the god. Don't you dare to say something bad about others. 

To whom it may concern, I would like to give you a mirror as a present. A really big mirror so that you can mirror yourself out. Stop blaming others if one day people around you are punishing you because they can't take it anymore. What goes around, will comes around. God's will always be there for us.

Stupid bitch. Stop teaching me because you yourself is just a rubbish. Don't try to teach me when you yourself can't teach your own children well. Stop bitching about others if you yourself is being with a whore. Get a life please slut. I don't stay alive to please you. Don't wait until the god reveal everything.

Do you know why your loves one cheated you? That's is a karma. When you hurt people feeling's, others will do just the same at you. My patient had finished. Don't make me vomit on your face and step on your face.

God will always be there to pay back every single thing that you've did to other. Your family and you can go to hell. With those behaviour, I pray that you'll never be in peace. In one day, I promise I'll come back and make you pay every single thing  that you've did to me. Wait for it. If it's not me, there will be someone else who will pay my revenge on you.

A slut family like your family will never ever be in peace. I promise that.


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