Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


He said, "you nie betat macam kure-kure laa!" 
If she cries in front of you…
"Do appreciate her..."

If she cries in front of you,

meaning dye dah tak tahan lagi laa tu… Memang laa nangis, tak kan la nak terlompat-lompat plak. nanti tak pasal-pasal orang kate gile kan. If you hold her hand at the time she's crying, she will stay with you forever.

If you let her go, she will never come back! NEVER! And seriously, I don't want to be with someone who doesn't really love me.

A girl won't be crying that easy, except kat depan orang yang dye betul-betul sayang kan?! Even EGO dye macam KLCC sekalipun, dye mesti akan nangis jugak if dye betul-betul sayang kat orang tu. Tapi if dye cakap korang macam-macam ape korang buat? kalau dye cakap korang betat? korang sedih tak? :'(


If she's still with you even mase tu korang dah tak de ape-ape lagi, meaning she's the one. Then, there's a girl cries because of you, you should know that she really loves you. At the time dia menangis in front of you and because of you, look inside her eyes, can you feel the pain? 

Korang mesti tertanye-tanye what's so special about this girl right?

Everytime dye cakap, she's talking without any secret. Her SMILE is a POWER for someone that she loves.
She will cry everytime she knows that someone had hurt who she really loves.

Even she saw someone that she loves with someone else, she will find a courage to face that guy and tell him that she's so happy for that guy happiness:'( walaupun she's just pretending.

I do understand that things happened for a reason. Tapi kenape nak cakap I "betat"? tak berase mane pun. hati i yang flower-flower nie, terus jadi macam kucing sakit hidung tahu tak. sampai hati you kan. At least I'm better than you kan. Biri-biri gemuk suke kire bulu kat tepi jalan.

Tak pe laa. I kan betat! you laen laa. perfect kan. you kan malaikat. mane penah buat salah kan. teruskan laa ye. I like it and I love it babyyyyyyyy:'(


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