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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A small little kiddo. He's so small since he was born on about 2 point something. I guess all of you can exactly imagine how small was umar is. hihi. Too small. According to kak waty, at first she thought umar could be 3 point something because kak waty's belly was so big like a ballon. HAHA. sorry kak waty.

SYED UMAR RAHIMI was a small ittle kiddo with a big almond eyes and I guess for a baby like him, he has too much of hair. err -,-" it's kinda weird. Everyday, all of us in the house will heard umar's cry like a little koala bear was crying. Can you imagine how cute it is. HIHI. I am so obsessed when it comes about umar, err since we've becoming a very great partner on a deal of sabotaging abang midie's kite. We're now a really great partner.  

At first, to tell you guys the truth, kak waty was a little bit plump since she ate a lot because she said that she ate all that for umar's health. Well, kak waty kalau nak makan tu mengaku je la kan. HAHA. umar eyes was exactly like kak waty, both of them don't have any eye lid. But still they're so cute. And now kak waty was on her diet and try her best to be a great hot mama! 

umar in his few days!

dulu hitam, sekarang putih macam dinding.

HAHA. hidung umar klaka gle kan?

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