Sorry If Tak Sedap :'(

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


today, i arrived at 9.20. i am so tired. in a flight just now, i sat beside this one ''MANGKUK'' pak cik. he's so annoying. he said that just now was his first time in a plane. well, i'm quite surprise. he looked so sotifiscated. he looked like a corporate people. but actually he's not. it must weird if a corporate people never be i a plane. haha. people says that look and appearance can cheat. so, it's true la kan. i'm so excited today. me, myself doesn't know why does it happened. yesterday, i had a fought with guduk. i know that he didn't mean it. but my emotion has control me. i scolded him like hell. i'm sorry bie:( well, back to an incident that happened in a plane just now. that ''MANGKUK'' as a help from me. i helped him. then, he stared at me. he smiled at me. i smiled at him too. but, he annoyed me when he kept staring at me without stop. he's so damn flirty. haha. am i using a correct vocabulary? flirty??? haha. whatever la. like i care. i wanted to tell boo, but still i don't have enough time to do that. i often talk on the phone with boo at night. but, sometimes we still be on the phone even it is morning/afternoon/evening. i love him so much. i used to call him fat cat ad guduk. why must be guduk? haha. saje je. simply. that name just look so cute to me. hehe:p

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