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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bumble bie!

i love you bie:) u're my everything. i know it's my fault when we're always fight. but i don't mean it in that way. aiman guduk!!! haha. guduk is cute what! i just don't understand why people have to be so FAKE!!! why don't they just show how thay act in real life? just be yourself! it's so difficult to pretend like we're so perfect kan!!! haha. yeah! people will never satisfied with something that is so easy to get. when the thing is so how to get, then only they appreciate that thing a lot. am i right? there's so many example out there. FAKE people will fall down when people around them know the truth. it's not that easy to make people feel very comfortable when they are with you, but still you have to try. nobody's perfect! but it's not wrong when we're trying so hard to be so perfect like we want it to be:)

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